Questions & Answers

Here are some questions that you may have, we try to answer them in this questions-answers, if you don't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Where does the Zebratan product come from?
Zebratan is a lotion made in France, by a French laboratory. Our products are guaranteed to be of French origin by our approved manufacturer. The products are notified on the European portal (CPNP).

2. I am hesitating between several applicators, how can I decide?
The choice depends on the extent of the vitiligo zones to be covered, a mini video is in presentation on a good number of applicators in order to help you in your choice.

3. From what age can I apply Zebratan lotion?
Zebratan cannot be applied to children under three years of age.

4. Can Zebratan be used on all parts of the body?
Zebratan can be used on all parts of the body except intimate areas.

5. How do I apply Zebratan?
The best way to apply Zebratan is after getting out of the shower, after having dried thoroughly. There are several ways to apply the lotion, including with the applicators sold on the site. It is advisable to start in the middle of the stain and to come to color it up to the edge, avoiding overfilling to avoid temporary hyperpigmentation. The product fades under the shower. It will become more colored in the hours following the application, be careful not to overload the lotion during application. Do not use water for at least 3 hours after application.

See our tutorials

6. How long does Zebratan last?
Tests have shown an average wear time of 48 hours. Not everyone wears it the same, just as not everyone has the same daily rhythm of life.

7. How did you come up with the idea to create this lotion?
I have vitiligo myself, I have tried a multitude of makeup products, but never anything conclusive. The outfit was bad, the coverage was insufficient, I stained my clothes etc.. That's how I came up with the idea of helping people with vitiligo or depigmented stains and having the tinted solution custom-made for us.

8. How long can I keep this tinted solution?
Zebratan can be stored 6 months after opening, in a clean and dry place, away from light and heat, ideally in the refrigerator.

9. Does the tinted lotion color the hair? Can I apply makeup immediately afterwards?
Zebratan does not color the hair. The lotion dries in seconds and you can apply make-up afterwards without any problem.

10. Why is the tint progressive as I use Zebratan?
This is due to the self-tanning agent in the lotion, which is why the skin takes on a progressive tan.

11. Does the Zebratan tinted solution protect from the sun like a sunscreen?
Absolutely not, they are two very distinct products, Zebratan does not protect from the sun under any circumstances, it is a solution to make up and camouflage vitiligo, or other whitish stains.

12. What are the ingredients contained in the Zebratan tinted solution?
The ingredients are different from one shade to another, they are indicated in the detail section of each product sheet.

13. How do I choose my shade?
Small sizes are provided to help you choose the best shade, so you can easily decide if you are hesitating between two shades. The shades can also be mixed for a custom color with a few drops of adjuster.

If you hesitate between two shades, opt for the lighter one, as the Zebratan lotion becomes more and more covering as you go along.

14. Does Zebratan Lotion stain clothes?
The lotion can leave stains on bathroom linen after the shower if the product is applied when you get out of the shower. The lotion will wash out of the washing machine, simply follow the washing instructions and temperature on the stained laundry.

15. Can Zebratan lotion be harmful to health?
The lotion has been voluntarily developed in France, in a French laboratory, it does not contain any allergens.

16. How do I maintain my applicators?
It is recommended to rinse the applicator after use in order to prevent the brush hairs or foam parts from drying out.

17. What will the lotion change for my daily life?
Zebratan will camouflage and make up for vitiligo, or other whitish stains, so that the appearance of the skin becomes uniform again. See our gallery of models before and after applying the lotion.

18. I ordered a light shade and it looks very dark in its packaging, is this normal?
Yes, all the lotions have a brown color in their packaging, even the lightest shades.

19. How long does it take for orders to be shipped, and how do I track my order?
Orders are shipped the same day or the next day, you will receive an email when the order is shipped, with a tracking link visible from your customer area.

20. I live in the French overseas departments and territories or outside Europe, will I have to pay customs duties?
It is possible, you can inquire at your post office. We cannot inform you about the amounts and are not responsible for them. For large volume orders, in order to avoid a blocked package, it is best to inquire about customs and customs clearance before ordering, even if Zebratan provides all the documents during shipment. (this applies especially to countries like Russia)