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Discover the vegetable oils of the Italian brand Le Erbe di Janas and Bioline.

Each oil has many properties. The reputation of vegetable oils is well established.

We have selected products for the most part Bio in order to offer the best quality in terms of oils and cosmetic products.

Among the oils available are chaulmoogra oil, Nigella oil (black cumin), coconut oil and carrot oil, as well as babchi oil.

Babchi has important properties to relieve skin problems, whether it is depigmented skin, scaly skin, or itching. It is also widely used in cosmetics as studies have shown a significant effect on the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

The application of babchi, like all other oils is to be done at least once a day, it is a daily care to be used throughout the year. Especially for depigmented skin, the effects are not immediate, it is necessary to wait several months before seeing results.

It also has antioxidant effects and thus makes it possible to fight against the aggressions, sun, pollution, stress, countering the free radicals, responsible for cutaneous ageing.
One can also use babchi as a home mask, to be mixed with yoghurt and honey.

Studies show that chaulmoogra oil harmonizes skin pigmentation by helping melanocytes to move to depigmented areas. Thus the complexion is evened out and the skin is more radiant.
It also has lipolytic properties that have beneficial effects on cellulite.
Chaulmoogra oil can also be used as a scalp treatment to soothe itching.

Black cumin oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins. It is important to choose it carefully, preferably organic in order to benefit from its multiple virtues.
Just like babchi oil, black cumin oil has antioxidant effects and against free radicals.

Its anti-inflammatory action is recognized, it can be used on muscle or joint pain, on skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.
Black cumin oil also strengthens the body's defenses, thus strengthening the immune system.
As a massage oil it stimulates the digestive system, so it is ideal for a belly massage.

Did you know it?
Black cumin oil can also be consumed orally.

Carrot oil, rich in beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), is mainly known for its action on the complexion. It provides a healthy glow leaving a light tan on the skin. It can also be easily mixed with other oils to take advantage of its vitamins.

Finally, coconut oil is the ally of skin, hair and nails, its reputation is well established. It is advisable to mix it with babchi oil if you are using it for the first time.

Discover the vegetable oils of the Italian brand Le Erbe di Janas.

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