Vitiligo Makeup

Discover the range of Zebratan products, specially designed to make up and camouflage vitiligo.

The shades are available in different formats, so that you can choose the lotion best suited to your skin tone, and even make your own mix thanks to the adjusters.

The range of applicators to camouflage the vitiligo is also available in order to melt the lotion and give a natural camouflaged effect in everyday life.

There are different shades available to best meet everyone's needs. Each shade offers a gradation according to the dosage, so the same shade can correspond to different skin tones.

A light dosage of the lotion will give a very light veil effect, a more sustained dosage a more pronounced effect.

Each shade can be changed with just a few drops of the adjuster. The blends are possible at will, so that one can modulate his shade according to the evolution of the skin tone, which is not the same in summer as in winter. An empty bottle is sold in the boutique, as well as the accessories needed to prepare your personalized blend at home.

Unlike foundation or other oily makeup products that leave traces, Zebratan dries in a few moments and lasts an average of 48 hours. Once applied, the color will intensify over the hours following its application. The Zebratan lotion fades with each wash.

This allows you to live a normal daily life, whether at work, to shake hands, or during leisure time, even while practicing a sport activity, the product will keep a good hold.

The different formats allow an application at any time of the day, the 3.5ml format will slip easily into your handbag or pocket so that you always have the Zebratan lotion at your side, to make a touch-up in all discretion.

The adjusters make it possible to cool, warm, lighten or darken a shade. The recommended mixture is one drop for twenty drops of lotion, but everyone can make the mixture as they wish, in order to get as close as possible to their skin tone.

Zebratan was designed exclusively for people with vitiligo, or any white spot on the skin. The lotion can also cover pytiriasis versicolor, having been dermatologically tested it does not irritate the skin and once applied, it knows how to make you forget, its pleasant texture leaves the same sensation as when you touch your skin.

The applicators are proposed in different types, with sponge, spray, brush or gloss type tips, in order to apply the lotion in a very meticulous way, or on the contrary, for large areas of vitiligo, apply it quickly giving a natural and faded effect, in order to imitate the skin color as well as possible.

The transparent cap sold in the store fits on the 30 and 60ml bottles, so when you travel or on the go you can easily take your lotion with you, and make up your vitiligo as you wish!

Vitiligo makeup

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