Zebratan lotion, in order to cover vitiligo perfectly, includes DHA which is a self-tanning active ingredient.

But during its application the result is different, because some points have been studied in order not to end up with too pronounced, non-uniform and orangey shades.

1. No more orange aspect

A classic self-tanner often has the reputation of giving the skin an orange appearance. If the product is applied in too generous a layer, you quickly end up like a pumpkin, especially in daylight!

With the lotion, this type of problem has been studied in order to be avoided. Moreover, the application with a sponge allows a perfect and uniform dosage, which will prevent a too approximate application. Precision applicators also give a very meticulous result.

2. The choice of shade

As a general rule, a self-tanning product will not meet all expectations, because as far as shades are concerned, these products are not always available in several shades.

The lotions are available in 4 shades, with the 4 adjusters that allow you to make your own custom solution.

3. It's in your pocket!

There are not always small sizes available for self-tanning. And these are usually not sold with applicators.

Zebratan lotion sizes have been chosen to be easily portable, especially the small size that fits in a pocket or purse. The moral comfort of knowing that, just in case, a touch-up can be done.

4. A personalized dosage

Most often self-tanning products are sold in spray form.
Sponge, glove, precision applicator, brush. With the lotions we will choose the tip that suits us best, in order to find the perfect dosage that will give the illusion of a second skin.

5. Summer and winter

We tend to think of self-tanning only in summer, because of the too orange aspect in winter.

Playing between two shades is a relevant choice, for example light beige in winter and brown beige in summer. Or a few drops of adjuster to darken to perfect your summer shade.