Vitiligo: Lotion and foundation, advantages of a custom-made product.

The Zebratan lotion having been created around the vitiligo in order to make it up perfectly has many advantages over foundation.

1. The lotion does not stain

No more foundation on clothes, especially at the neckline, an area that is often affected by vitiligo. Applying foundation on hands or legs has never been an adequate solution, as it unfortunately leaves marks that are difficult to avoid.

With the lotion that dries in seconds, this problem is solved.

2. The skin breathes

Contrary to a foundation that clogs the pores of the skin (you already have a depigmentation, if you don't pamper your skin, thank you!) the lotion lets the skin breathe. It simply colors the skin, leaving it texture and feel the same as before application.

3. It's economical

Tests on the duration of the lotion give an average hold of 48 hours and more. The foundation is applied daily and must be removed in the evening.

With Zebratan, no more need! In addition, make-up can be applied normally after use on the face.

Very little lotion is enough to make a perfect camouflage. It is even recommended to apply a small amount of product for a more natural effect.

4. No more "pumpkin skin" problems!

Who has never made the mistake of ending up with an orange complexion in daylight after applying foundation in the bathroom?

With the lotion, no more complexion problems. The make-up gives a second skin effect and has been specially studied to make vitiligo invisible, and imitate as well as possible the non-depigmented skin.

5. An easy choice of shade

Buying a foundation in a store based on a color on the package is not the best way to decide on a shade, especially when you are affected by vitiligo.

We have done our best to present you the lotions not only with before and after, but also with photos of models so that you can orient yourself to the skin tone closest to yours.

Personalized advice by chat can also be made at any time, we are here to help you in the best choice of your shade.

6. We won't drip in the summer

Foundation in the summer tends to drip, and you always leave a little on your handkerchief or towel when you wipe. The same goes for the corners of your lips, you have camouflaged your vitiligo but after a meal in a restaurant you feel obliged to allow yourself a passage in the mirror to check that the foundation is still there and that the stain is still hidden.

With the lotion the worry is over, you can wipe it off several times without making it go away, because it fades only with showers and contact with water, and this after several rinses or washes.